The Person

"If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It"

Mr. Vinay Singh is the Founder & CEO of Right Value Services, Set up in 2005, a Venture with Focus on Comprehensive Goal Based Planning, Convenience & Client First Approach.

Mr. Singh is an MBA from Mumbai University with an AMFI-Certification-(Mutual Fund), IRDA-Certification (Insurance) & holds the prestigious LUTCF Certification.

Mr. Singh is also the member of Elite Advisor Group of India leading personal finance portal MoneyControl and also Money Uncle.

With clients from all over India & overseas, He has a Holistic & Realistic approach towards personal finance & wealth management. He has been in the business of giving the right advice & helping people achieve their goals for more than a decade & understands the complex nature of personal finance.

He has more than 13 years of experience in Goal Based Planning & Wealth Management; Mr. Singh has helped many Families to achieve Financial Freedom!

Mr. Singh has conducted many training sessions for Investor Awareness Programs in the areas of Personal Finance in colleges and corporate houses in the country. His passion is to create financial awareness and empowerment people about their personal finance.

A Warren Buffet follower & a Passionate Personal Finance Expert Mr. Singh are always ready to help-out and give heart-to-heart advice to their clients.

“ Your needs will always be first and at its best.”

Mrs Sweta Singh is the director of Right Value Services Pvt. Ltd.

She is Master in Mathematics followed by Bachelor in Education from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai University.

She holds certification from Association of Mutual Funds Of India (AMFI), Retirement Readiness Program & pursuing CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

She strongly believes that at the end of the day, Money is Power and that power extends not just to earning money but managing it, investing it & having a say in what’s done.

So we at ‘Right Value’ have created financial peace and independence in the lives of many people and helped them realizing their financial goals.

Her area of keen interest is in propagating financial literacy. It is said ‘Charity begins at home’. So her priority is to help the clients in explaining every option & its effect on their finances. This enables them to take informed decision.