"Today the 'enemy' is real. Over that hill would be the strangest hunting soldiers our trainees ever saw. And that initially look scares hell out of them. Everything within the war games is real except the bullets. The improvement in spirit, interest, and seriousness is fantastic."

Reported an Army private immediately after his initially involvement with Aggressor: "I was tired from two days of crawling around the woods, so I took a nap. These Aggressors prodded me awake with their rifle barrels. Type of shook me, their Mohawk helmets and weird insignia and all. But I figured they were really from an- other unit on the post, so I didn't substantially care hublot replica swiss . best rolex replica watches Then they began speaking with each other in this foreign language. Suddenly I thought, these guys are not kidding; they actually are foreign soldiers!"

Full-Time War. Until several years ago, Aggressor and all he stands for was merely a gleam in the eye of now-retired Army officer Col. C. C. Sloane Jr., a combat vet having a chestful of battle ribbons. Element of Sloane's job following Planet War II was training adolescent hot-rodders to be soldiers. But he got fed up using the way fleshy-pink inductees had been being prepared for the fine art of killing. Maneuvers consisted of two exactly comparable teams pretending to fight each other. Only distinction in between the two: One-the negative guys-called themselves Red Forces. "Americans" had been the Blue.

But with all the cold war revving up, Pentagon officials did not cotton to announcing that American troops had just smashed the Reds. Following all, what would Izvestia say

Col. Sloane's option: a permanent enemy force which would devote its complete time for you to waging war against the United states. The "foreign" soldiers-to be referred to as "Aggressors" -would have their own uniforms, own essentially the most contemporary weapons, attempt experimental techniques, fight in all large-scale maneuvers. rolex replica watch They'd be as unique from Americans as it was probable to produce them.

Some Subversive Work. Using a go-ahead from the Defense Department, and with a group of other imaginative guys, Sloane set about generating a new nation. It would need to be fully mythical (mustn't jump on anyone's instep, you realize), but for full effect, the history, political set-up, and aims has to be logical, need to remind soldiers of a possible enemy. rolex copies

"The enemy," the colonel whispered. "Shhh . . . we might be captured." And as the eerie band marched previous us and out of sight, I noticed that my heart was beating just a little tougher, that my shoulder muscle tissues had been bunched.

These formidable-looking soldiers were "Aggressors," an enemy home-grown by the Army, an enemy element fiction, mainly fact. The soldier is genuine, but his nation is mythical. He speaks in a strange tongue. His weapons are usually superior to ours. His tactics are despicable. To him, the use of thermonuclear bombs and germ warfare is perfectly justified. It's even rumored that his arsenal quickly will hold the neutron bomb.

Who Are These Aggressors? Simply: American troops dressed up in offbeat garb. But in the event you assume they're kidding with their funny uniforms and odd speech, just meet them face to face throughout a war game. You are going to discover them as considerably fun as poison ivy. They're hard and dirty, and they sharpen the fighting edge of U.S. troops as no other education gimmick ever has.

Why all this elaborate make believe? Here's the answer 1 U.S. officer gave me. "Before Aggressor came on the scene, young soldiers couldn't grasp what war was all about. We'd say, in impact, 'Let's pretend there are enemy soldiers around the other side of that hill.' Only combat vets took the games seriously.

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