The card getting been punched, is then placed within a tabulating machine. The front view of a group of 4 tabulating sections shows the pin-box, as well as the deal with for raising and lowering it being shown on the proper. The rear view illustrates the quadrantal segments of electro-magnets arranged in rear and above the adding wheels. This view shows also the multiplicity of electric cables connected to the magnets and top for the pin-box a. lange & sohne datograph . It's not practicable within the limits of space obtainable to describe in detail the tabulating and adding devices. It will have to suffice to say that a punched card is placed below the pin-box on the subjacent table surface bearing the mercury cups shown around the ideal of Fig. five, and, the pin-box becoming brought down by the operator by indicates of your deal with bar, the card automatically selects its counters or adding wheels as hereinbefore described. To explain how the machine adds, i. e., how a group of units is at 1 operation transferred for the adding wheel, reference is produced for the rear view. For each and every adding device there is a quadrantal series of nine electro-magnets arranged in an arc in regards to the adding wheels. A radial arm oscillates or swings in regards to the center of your adding wheels, and in its sweep a pawl carried by it is created to turn the adding wheels any variety of spaces in line with the number to be added. This can be accomplished by causing the turning pawl with the swing arm to act on the adding wheel sooner or later in the sweep of the arm. Those pins which do not obtain holes in the card under them do not pass to make contact with using the mercury and do not close their individual electric circuits. Every single pin and its mercury cup are terminals of a separate electric circuit passing by way of an electro-magnet controlling a counter or register. The pins are carried within a frame known as a pin-box. It can therefore be seen that the so-called pin-box is a kind of electric permutation circuit controller, and that the circuit closed through any one counter or register will be determined by one position of a hole within a card, and a different circuit by means of yet another counter by yet another position of a hole. This provides the machine a mechanical selective action and constitutes its mode of considering, since it were.

There are two sorts of punching machines. One is for population and also the other for farms. In the farm punch the card is automatically moved by means of the machine under the punches, which correspond in number to the ten numerals, with a single added punch. Inside the population punch the card is held fixedly within a holder, and also a swinging lever arm bears at the deal with end a position-finding stylus, which has below it a big keyboard of holes precisely corresponding in number, position replica patek philippe watch , and grouping with all the number, position, and grouping borne by the blank card. When the stylus is depressed into a certain hole inside the key-board a punch, about mid-way of the lever, finds and punches a hole in the exact spot on the card corresponding for the hole on the key-board into which the stylus was depressed. Easier and much more recent is definitely the farm card. In punching the spaces indicating dollars the units are, for economy sake replica patek philippe watch , best fake watches disregarded; therefore 400 signifies $4,000; 150 suggests $1,500, and so on. The 3 columns for the left of the card simply divide the farms, their incomes and goods, into ten groups, the very first column giving ten sizes of farms, the second giving ten sources of earnings, and the third ten sizes of earnings, which are arbitrarily indicated by the figures and interpreted by an explanatory essential.

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