Insurance Planning

One question comes to my mind what type of insurance coverage we should have!! Generally we have numerous Traditional Insurance Policies, where we pay Rs. 50 – 60 thousand annually for a cover of Rs. 10 Lakhs. It takes no genius to tell you that this is a bad deal. Insurance is not a kind of savings option. It is not for your child’s higher education, marriage etc. Insurance is a pure – life - cover! Don’t think you will get 10-12% returns, but understand that you will get the peace of mind that your family’s financial wellbeing is protected even after you. So, In totality you only need 4 types of coverage.

This is all the coverage you need, don’t fall a victim of the traditional-policy-returns. The returns are not inflation adjusted return. It’s not true. Get a Term Insurance for yourself & earning spouse-Health Insurance for family & parents – Disability & Critical Illness Cover for deadly Diseases & Property Insurance for your assets.

We Right Value Services have a process driven approach in place to assists you in selecting the best Insurance Coverage plan that suits your individual requirement. Ensure your Family’s financial well-being even after you.

Insurance is an important risk management tool that can protect you and your family from financial hardship caused by unplanned events. we work with you to identify your risks and implement a cost-effective risk management program that has been developed with your specific circumstances and requirements in mind. Insurance recommendations provided by us include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Child Cover

If you have existing insurance arrangements, it is important to realise that both over-insuring and under-insuring can be costly. Your authorised planner will review these arrangements and ensure that you are appropriately covered.

The lost earnings can be experienced with the death, disability, estate settlement costs and its clear impact is seen on the financial well being. Thus by seeking the insurance planning assistance one can receive extensive relief in one’s overall financial status. Planning for covering all possible risks through insurance always turns out to be fruitful as well as satisfactory for each one of us.

Instead of considering insurance planning as an absolute tool towards the overall Goal Based Planning, we misunderstand it by saying an investment. Already where our daily lives remain unpredictable with uncertainties including an absolute loss of income, critical illness or even with disability, why not look forward for the attainment of excessive peace of mind through an effective insurance planning technique.

You must be thinking how insurance planning is associated with Goal Based Planning? But the fact is that where Goal Based Planning is a way of formalizing goals over time and creating a path to accomplish the benefits, the relevance of insurance planning cannot be left behind. As insurance planning assists in protecting you from adverse financial crises or losses which come across towards your wealth management.