Goal Based Planning

What are the contents of your financial plan?

Our Financial Plan is around 15-20 page long PDF file, which gives you complete clarity on various important areas of your financial life. Here is exactly what you get

  • Risk Profiling: This will be done for you and for your spouse
  • Asset Allocation: Current Asset allocation
  • Saving meter
  • Net worth
  • Life Insurance – Where you are and where you need to be
  • Health Insurance – Where you are and where you need to be
  • Simplification for optimization
  • New surplus sheet
  • Short Term goal planning
  • Long Term goal planning-
  • Income Tax benefit
  • Final Notes
  • Notes from your Planner
  • Disclaimer
How much time it takes to complete the process? What if I need more time?
The overall process involves doing your financial health checkup, taking your financial data and creating the financial plan and then buying the financial products to implement your financial plan. Overall it can take’s around 40-60 days. If it takes more time we will still help you in completing all core actions. Don’t worry as the focus is on making sure you finally complete all the actions.
Will the financial plan give me clarity on products I need to buy?
Yes, the plan will give you exact product names which you need to buy. We will help you in choosing the right insurance policy, health insurance policy, Mutual Funds, Deposits if any. You will get the full clarity on where to invest and how much to invest.
How many calls can I expect under this service?
You can expect 3-4 calls under this service. Again, it is not about number of calls, our commitment is to help you to create an awesome financial life. Don’t focus just on the number of calls, each call we do with you will add tremendous value in your financial life and take your forward.
How many clients do you have?
We have been serving clients from last 10 yrs and we currently have around 500+ clients from over The Country and Overseas. We have our clients scattered across all the major cities in India and NRI’s across the world
What if I have any query after my plan is created?
We associate with our clients on long term basis. You can always ask us any query by mail and we will revert back to you at the earliest. Once you become our client, you will get access to the “Clients Section” on our website, where you can ask your questions through a form, which will be directly replied by us. There is no limit of questions you can ask related to your financial plan.
What happens after one year?
After one year, you become eligible for our yearly review program. Under this program we will review your financial life once again and depending on the changes (if any) create a new plan. As review client you again get round the year email support.
The fees you charge is it one time or yearly?
The fees we charge is yearly fee and from second year onwards you will have to pay a small yearly review program fee which will range between 5k- 10k