Estate Planning

There are 2 reasons why we work hard & earn money. Firstly, money is a means to an end. We need money for our everyday survival and goal fulfillment & Secondly, we want wealth for ourselves & our loved ones. We want to leave behind our legacy, our wealth, our Estate. So, we earn money, intake it, Invest the remaining, with the aim that the hence accumulated wealth will become a legacy that you leave behind for your parents, spouse and kids & grand kids.

But have you ever thought what if the Wealth created by you does not go to the assigned person? Yes, the laws of succession in India are complex. If you die, without a will i.e. Intestate, your property & estate will not be automatically given to your spouse & kids, if not specified it will be divided according to the Indian succession & Hindu act. So, all this wealth, taken years to build might go in the wrong hands or tangle into legal battle within family members.

Estate Planning or Succession Planning simply means planning for your estate so that the designated asset goes to the designated person. Estate Planning is often understood by people as “creating a Will”. Estate Planning is much more than creating a will. Writing a will is easy. You can write it yourself on any A4 Size paper or even orally stated will is a valid will. But it is recommended that to avoid family conflicts, it is necessary to get a will written & notarized by the court.

Benefits of Estate Planning

Value Wealth Advisory Service’s Goal Based Planning emphasizes on proper “Estate Planning” & guides you by hand in the entire Estate Planning Process.